Chad Soriano

Chad Soriano brings more than 18 years of experience as a television news photojournalist and still camera photographer. Chad worked at Tampa’s Fox Television station, WTVT. His primary role there was in the special projects, consumer investigation unit. His assignments ranged from general news to consumer fraud.
His skills in news gathering and camera-work combine to create a strong tool in developing and promoting a unique visual style. Chad’s interest in photography started with a Kodak Disc 4000 camera in elementary school. Then in 6th grade, he upgraded to a Canon A-1 SLR. The rest is history. Whether it is a video or still camera, Chad pursues perfection in every image he captures with his trained eyes. Picture making is his passion.
Chad Soriano promotes a unique visual style as a TV News and still photographer. This convergence produces creative media with HD DSLRs.For the latest updates, reviews and comparisons of HD DSLR gear, go to his photoblog at Chad Soriano PhotoBlog
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